Alfa Rapid™

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  • PAG
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  • Series: Alfa Rapid
    Pipe Clamp Sizes: 1-1/2″- 6″
    Fitting Sizes: All
    Valve Sizes: All
    Materials: Pipe Clamps: PAG/EPDM
    Fittings: PP, PVC, PE100, PPR
    Valves: PP/Nitrile, or PPR/Nitrile


Alfa Rapid

Chemline’s new Alfa Rapid ™ grooved end piping system has mechanical connections using flexible pipe couplings. Grooved end dimensions are the same as “Victaulic”. Flexible pipe couplings 1-1 /2″ to 6″ are made of high strength glass reinforced polyamide (PAG) and SS bolts. Polypropylene grooved end pipe fittings are available 1-1/2″ to 4″. The PP ball valves have pipe coupling ends. This unique new product line is an excellent alternative to conventional pipe flanges and pipe unions saving time, money and space.

✓ An attractive alternative to flanged connections
Faster installation and disassembly
Easy adjustment of piping after assembly
Lighter – less metal – only 2 bolts
Space saving – more compact

✓ High Pressure Ratings

✓ Perfect seal under pressure or vacuum

✓ Easy piping maintenance
System may be unbolted quickly – only 2 bolts
Pipes may be rotated to extend service life

✓ Allows for piping flexibility
Allow expansion, shrinkage and bending in the piping system
✓ Vibration and noise attenuation
Specially design coupling seal acts as a damper
✓ Seismic stress absorption

✓ Green
Fittings are made of recyclable polypropylene


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