Disc Filters

  • PPG
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  • Series: DF
    Sizes: 3/4″- 4″
    Ends: Socket, Threaded, Flanged
    Cartridge: PP
    Body: PPG


Disc Filters

Chemline DF Series all-plastic Disc Filters contain a stack of PE filtering discs in different mesh sizes. They are cartridge type in the larger sizes (up to 329 sq. in. filtration) and Y-pattern in the small sizes (starting at 19 sq. in. filtration) The manual clean version has a special Vortix™ design which pushes impurities to the inside wall allowing easy flushing and requiring less disc cleaning. The larger AlfaMatic™ models may be back flushed automatically. These are often used for pre-filtration in water treatment systems.

✓ An attractive alternative to flanged connections
Corrosion resistant
Light Weight

✓ All-Plastic

✓ Two Models available
Vortix™ manual flush model designed for less frequent cleaning
AlfaMatic™ automatic back flush model

✓ Ideal for pre-filtration in water treatment systems

✓ Three different Mesh sizes
75 mesh (200 micron)
120 mexh (130 micron)
150 mesh (100 micron)

✓ Easy Connections
Threaded or “Victaulic” style grooved pipe ends


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