Back Pressure/Relief Valves

  • PVC
  • PP
  • PVDF
  • transparent-1px
  • NSF
  • CRN
  • Series: SB12 & SB17 Series
    Inlet Connection: 1/4″ – 3/8″ & 3/8″ – 4″
    Instrument Connection: True Union Socket, Threaded or ChemFlare, Spigot Bodies with Plain, Socket, Threaded or Flanges
    Diaphragm: PTFE Bonded EPDM
    Seat/Seals: EPDM, FPM


SB Series Back Pressure Relief Valves (5-150 PSI)

The Chemline SB Series Back Pressure/Relief Valve has two functions. As a back pressure valve, installed in-line downstream of a pump, the back pressure below the metering pump is maintained. When installed in the branch of a tee it is a pressure relief valve. The valve stays closed until inlet pressure reaches the set pressure which is adjusted by turning the spring tensioning bolt. Inlet pressure acts upward against the piston allowing excess pressure to flow upwards through the orifice. The SB12 Series has a built-in check valve function, desirable for dosing applications. It is not so sensitive as to open with every pulsation from a metering pump. The “Mini” SB17 size relief valves offer high performance in a compact package.

✓ Ideal for Chemical Dosing
Valve opening depends on inlet pressure only and is uneffected by changes in downstream (back) pressure
✓ Designed for Long Life
Dynamic seal is PTFE bonded EPDM for high chemical resistance ✓ Built-in Check Feature
✓ True Union Ends
Eliminate chemical leakage problems common with old fashioned threaded connections
✓ Recommended Viscosity
Recommended for services with a maximum viscosity of 400cP




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Body Material: PVC PP PVDF
SB 12 Series 3/8″ – 4″
SB 17 Series (mini) 1/4″ –  3/8″