Compact Industrial Valves

  • PVC
  • transparent-1px
  • CRN
  • Series: OM Series
    Sizes: 3/8″- 3″
    Ends: Socket, Threaded
    Seats: PTFE
    Seals: EPDM


Compact Industrial Ball Valves

Chemline Compact Ball Valves are
manufactured to the same high quality
standards to the Type 21 True Union ball valve.
They are used on applications where union end
valves are not necessary or desired such as drain
valves for tanks. They are also lower cost and
more compact.
High Chemical Resistance
The PVC as well as CPVC compounds for these valves have an “A” chemical resistance rating
Full Port
Low pressure loss
Low Stem Torque
Due to floating ball design and cushioned PTFE seats
✓ Compact
Space Saving


Electric Actuation

Model Valves/Torque Operation/Control Position Indication
Electromni electric actuator
Ball up to 2″
Torque: up to 120 in-lbs
On-Off (3 wire)
Adjustable Travel

On-Off (2 wire)

Visual (Integrated lights)
1 Feedback Switch (120/240)
2 Feedback Switches (12/24)


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Body Material
PTFE seats, EPDM O-rings