Elastomer Seated Valves


Chemline elastomer seated butterfly valves have a successful history of over 40 years and have replaced metal valves in many difficult process applications. Type 57a body, disc and seat are designed to offer excellent flow characteristics and low closing torques. Stem torques are unaffected by excessive flange bolt torques. Valves up to 16″ have corrosion resistant FRP gear operators. Top flange and shaft dimensions are to ISO 5211 standard for easy mounting of actuators. A large selection of body, disc and seat materials permit these valves into a wide range of on/off and throttling control applications in lines up to 24″ size.

Specs & Features

Body Materials: PVC, PP, PVDF, PDCPD
Disc Materials: PP, PVC, PVDF
Size Range: up to 24″
Seat and O-Rings: EPDM, FKM (Viton®)
Body Types:
Type 57/56/75 Wafer: 1-½” – 24″
Type 57LIS Lug: 3″ – 8″
Type 57IS Narrow Wafer: 3″ – 8″

Compact and Light Weight
High Corrosion Resistance
Abrasion Resistant
Easy Actuator Mounting

Body Material

PVC Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valve Manual
PP Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valve Manual
PVDF Elastomer Seated Butterfly Valve Manual

O-Ring Material

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