Industrial PE100-RC Single Wall Piping Systems

Industrial PE100-RC Single Wall Piping Systems

Pressure Range: 184 PSI at 80°C – 349 PSI at 20°C
Pipe Sizes: 20mm – 630mm


Industrial PE100-RC

To enable the use of PE100 materials in new application areas, research by raw material suppliers has focused in the past few years on a material property that is generally known as "resistance to slow crack growth" or "stress crack resistance". Chem Proline® PE100-RC piping systems are speci#cally designed to resist the effects of “slow crack growth”. By means of process optimization in raw material production and special copolymerization methods, the raw material suppliers have developed PE100 materials with outstanding stress crack resistance. These types of materials are known as "PE100-RC”. PE100 and PE100-RC materials have basically identical properties, the main technical advantage of PE100-RC is the signi#cantly higher resistance to slow crack growth. This is expressed by the requirements for the full notch creep test, which is >8760 hours for PE 100-RC in comparison to 300 hours of regular PE100 material. Slow crack growth testing is used to indicate useful life of certain chemicals in piping systems.This material also allows larger support spacing, making it easier to replace metal piping without re-engineering a piping system. PP-RCT can also be extruded in a multilayer pipe with fiber core middle layer which reduces the impact of thermal expansion on the piping systems.

Our new PP-RCT piping systems fall in line with LEED’s guidelines and are considered environmentally friendly, as well as energy efficient. Chem Proline® PE100-RC can be installed right in rough-dug trenches, so no sand and pebble grading is required due to extreme resistance to point loads, which saves on installation time and costs.

Applications: Food, Packaging, Mining, Engineering, Automotive, Transportation, Construction, Laboratories, Maintenance workshops, Other manufacturing and processing operations, Semiconductor.

Temperature Range: -20°C to 90°C

✓ Excellence Resistance to compressor oils and most ambient air
✓ Excellent Stress Cracking Resistance
✓ High Impact Resistance
✓ High Abrasion Resistance
✓ Wide Temperature range
✓ Very Good Weldability
✓ Installation is fast, flexible and low-cost
✓ Corrosion Resistance
✓ Low Frictional Resistance
✓ Lower Flow Noise Level



Butt Fusion Welders:

Miniplast – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")

Maxiplast – Sizes 20mm to 160 mm (1/2" to 6")

W-Series – Sizes 50mm to 630 mm (1-1/2" to 24")

Socket Fusion Welders:

HSOC – Sizes 20mm to 63 mm (1/2" to 2")

W-3511 – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")


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ECTFE - Pipe and Butt Fusion Fittings
SDR 21 (150 PSI) Piping
90 Degree Elbow - Short
90 Degree Elbow - Long
45 Degree Elbows
Concentric Reducers - Short
Concentric Reducers - Long
End Caps
ANSI Stub Flanges
ANSI Backing Rings
DIN Backing Rings
Pipe Supports (PP)
Diaphragm Valves