AgruLine PE100-RC Single Wall Piping Systems

Temperature Range: -50°C – 60°C
Pipe  and Fitting Sizes: 20mm – 315mm

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    AgruLine PE100-RC Single Wall Piping Systems

    AgruLine PE100-RC is composed of the latest evolution in Advanced Polyethylene (PE) resin technology. This new AgruLine PE100-RC material possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties. These properties include: stress crack resistance, slow crack growth resistance, ductility, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and brittleness resistance. AgruLine PE100-RC is a good choice for sodium hypochlorite chemical feed systems.

    Chemical feed systems
    Process Piping

    Temperature Range:
    -50°C to 60°C (-58°F to 140°F)

    ✓ Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

    ✓ Superior stress cracking and abrasion resistance

    ✓ High impact resistance and ductility

    ✓ High creep rupture strength