Air & Vacuum Release Valves

Series: AA
Inlet Connection: 1-1/4″ & 3″
Instrument Connection: Threaded or Flanged
Seats/Seals: EPDM


AA Series Air and Vacuum Release Valves

The Chemline AA Series Air and Vacuum Release Valve provides a controlled venting solution for pressurized larger diameter piping systems. This valve reduces the potential for water hammer incidents that occur when pressure builds up due to entrapped air. A unique two stage ball stop prevents liquids from escaping while allowing high volume air release while the pipeline is under pressure, also at low pressure when it is being filled. The vacuum release function allows air to re-enter the pipeline to prevent vacuum collapse. PDCPD (Polydicyclopenthadiene) is a polyolefin thermoset plastic.

✓ High Impact Strength
✓ Superior Exhaust Performance
High Discharge Capacity and Two-stage (high/low) exhaust function
✓ Excellent Corrosion Resistance
PDCPD (polydicyclopenthadiene) material has chemical resistance similar to polypropylene


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