Dual Containment

Systems should: – Have at least Manual Leak Detection for Drainage Systems
– Have Automated Leak Detection for Pressurized Systems
– Be Double Contained
– Have Outer Containment able to retain Media Transport for a minimum of 30 days

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Dual Containment Systems

Leaks from storage tank systems can have devastating environmental and economic impacts. Small quantities of chemicals can cause offensive odours, contaminate surface and subsurface soils, render drinking water from aquifers non-potable and create explosive or toxic build-ups of liquids or vapours in basements and other underground structures.

Our systems are engineered to protect our eco-system from the dangers of exposed aggressive chemicals. Additionally, Environment Canada recommends that the underground transport of hazardous materials be protected from release into the environment.

Double containment should be specified for all applications Hazardous chemicals should be protected from escape in areas where there are chemicals transported above work stations, or any other potential safety hazards due to exposure to the media.

Ranging in sizes from 1×2 to 16×20 and above, choosing Chemline provides maximum flexibility in system engineering and design. For the varying requirements of double containment, Chemline provides a variety of piping system options.



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The mix and match feature allows system designers to specify pipe material and ratings based on media and pressure changes throughout an entire system.

Dual Extruded

The unique unitary construction saves time and labor on each project. Low cost and easy installation makes this the ideal system for drainage systems, pressurized transfer lines and industrial applications needing up to 4″ carrier pipe.


Cemented systems combine engineering design with cost effective materials.The result is reliable dual contained piping systems for a variety of applications.

Leak Detection

Offers constant monitoring of annular space between inner and outer pipe in case lf leaks. Available in Low Point Monitoring for above-ground piping systems, or leak detection cabling for buried piping systems.