Hydro Cyclones

Series: HY
Sizes: 1″- 3″
Ends: Alfa Rapid Grooved, MNPT, MNPT Union
Body: PAG or PPG
O-Rings: Nitrile (Standard)

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    Hydro Cyclones

    Chemline HY Series Hydro Cyclones separate sand and other solids from water using centrifugal force. External power is not required. Solid plastic construction means no rust or corrosion. The cones are abrasion resistant. Three different sizes have male threaded or grooved pipe end connections. Chemline’s Alfa Rapid range of plastic flexible pipe clamps and grooved end PP fittings are ideal for plumbing these units.

    How they Work

    Water enters the filter tangentially to the cone body and is accelerated by circular motion. The sand or other solids are pushed against the cone side walls and by centrifugal force and settle into a PP bleed tank while clear water flows up through the central outlet. The tank may be flushed occasionally using the supplied ball valve.

    All Plastic
    Corrosion and Abrasion resistant, 2” and 3” Cone is glass filled polyamide (PAG), 1” Cone is glass filled polypropylene (PPG)
    Economical Sand separators
    For surface or ground water, Self-powered
    ✓ Self-contained
    ✓ Ideal for pretreatment in water filtration systems
    Bleed Tank and Flush Valve is included
    Easy Connection
    Threaded or “Victaulic” style grooved pipe ends