AV Manual Diaphragm Valves

Series: Type 14/15/72
Sizes: 1/2″- 4″ (Type 14) & 5″ – 10″ (Type 15/72)
Ends: Type 14 – Flanged: 1/2″ – 4″, True-Union Socket, Threaded, or Butt: 1/2″ – 2″, Chemflare: 1/2″ – 1″
Type 15/72 – Flanged: 5″ – 10″
Diaphragms: EPDM, or PTFE


AV Manual Diaphragm Valves

Chemline Diaphragm Valves have service histories dating back to 1970 operating in some of the toughest chemical plant applications in Canada. They have proven internal and external corrosion resistance.

This is an excellent throttling valve, and is suited for slurries or viscous liquids. Because of the self-draining design with no dead volume, it is good for sanitary and high purity applications. These diaphragm valves offers higher temperature/pressure ratings and chemical resistance compared to other Chemline valve types.

✓ Excellent Chemical Resistance
Large Selection of materials including PVDF bodies and PTFE diaphragms for extremely aggressive services
✓ Externally Corrosion Resistant
Plastic bonnet, handwheel, covered and sealed indicator
✓ High Pressure Resistance
Designed with a high safety factor against leakage
✓ Designed for Long Diaphragm Life
Standard travel stop prevents over-tightening and excessive stress on diaphragm



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