P3-Series Pneumatic Actuation

Series: P3
Size Range: Up to 6″ Ball Valves
Up to 24″ Butterfly Valves
Control Pressure: 40 to 120 PSI
Output Torques: (at 80 psi air): Up to 2,422 in-lbs Spring Return, or 5,757 in-lbs Double Acting


P3-Series Pneumatic Actuators

Chemline P3 Series are quarter turn pneumatic actuators specially chosen for all sizes of ball and butterfly valves. These actuators are designed to withstand highly corrosive environments, underwater and marine applications. All offer long cycling life. Normal working temperatures are -32°C to 90°C.

Chemline offers complete actuated ball and butterfly valves assembled and bench tested. Actuation services are also available for all quarter-turn metal valves.

✓ Corrosion Resistant
✓ Long Cycle Life
✓ Standard Mounting Dimensions
✓ Application Diversity



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Mounting Options
P3-Series on Ball Valves (up-to 6")
P3-Series on High Capacity Ball Valves (up-to 6")
P3-Series on Multi-port Valves (up-to 6")
P3-Series on Butterfly Valves (up-to 24")
P3-Series Actuator Only
Actuation Accessories
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