PA-Series Pneumatic Actuation

Material: Epoxy and Rilsan® coated alumnimum
Series: PAS – Spring
PAD – Double Acting
Size Range: Up to 6″ Ball Valves
Up to 24″ Butterfly Valves
Control Pressure: 40 to 120 psi
Output Torques: (at 80 psi air): Up to 15,660 in-lbs Spring Return, or 40,660 in-lbs Double Acting


PA-Series Pneumatic Actuators

Chemline PA Series is part of the P Series family of quater-turn pneumatic rack and pinion actuators designed for long cycling life in demanding industrial applications

PA Series features aluminum bodies and end caps coated inside and out with a two part coating of cataphoresis epoxy then Rilsan polyamide. The result is a superior actuator with longer cycling life and durable abrasion and corrosion resistant surfaces.

Output torques are up to 15,660 in.-lbs. spring return (SR) and 40,600 in.-lbs. double acting (DA) with 80 psi control air. They will power all Chemline ball valves and butterfly valves up to 24" DA and 20" SR

Chemline offers complete actuated ball and butterfly valves assembled and bench tested. Actuation services are also available for all quarter-turn metal valves.

✓ Corrosion Resistant
✓ Long Cycle Life
✓ Standard Mounting Dimensions
✓ Compact Simple Design