PG-Series Pneumatic Actuation

Material: Epoxy and Rilsan® coated aluminium
Series: PGS – Spring Return
PGD – Double Acting
Size Range: Up to 4″ Multi-Port or 180 Degree Ball Valves
Control Pressure: 40 to 120 psi
Output Torques: (at 80 psi air): Up to 1,200 in-lbs Spring Return, or 2,800 in-lbs Double Acting

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    PG-Series Pneumatic Actuators

    Chemline PG Series are half turn pneumatic actuators especially chosen for all sizes of 3-way ball valves. These actuators are epoxy and Rilsan coated for high corrosion resistance. All offer long cycling life.

    Normal working temperatures are -32°C to 90°C. They may be actuated with air, water, natural gas or non-aggressive fluids up to 120 psi pressure.

    PG Series is one in a range of actuators specially selected for ball and butterfly valves. Hardware kits are available for mounting of actuators in the field. Chemline also offers complete actuated valves, fully assembled and bench tested.

    ✓ Corrosion Resistant
    ✓ Long Cycle Life
    ✓ Low Cost
    ✓ Compact, Simple Design