PG-Series Pneumatic Actuation

Series: PG
Size Range: Up to 4″ Multi-Port or 180 Degree Ball Valves
Control Pressure: 40 to 120 PSI
Output Torques: (at 80 psi air): Up to 1,200 in-lbs Spring Return, or 2,800 in-lbs Double Acting


PG-Series Pneumatic Actuators

Chemline PG Series are half turn pneumatic actuators especially chosen for all sizes of 3-way ball valves. These actuators are epoxy and Rilsan coated for high corrosion resistance. All offer long cycling life. Normal working temperatures are -32oC to 90oC. They may be actuated with air, water, natural gas or non-aggressive fluids up to 120 psi pressure.

Chemline offers complete actuated ball and butterfly valves assembled and bench tested. Actuation services are also available for all quarter-turn metal valves.

✓ Corrosion Resistant
✓ Long Cycle Life
✓ Low Cost
✓ Compact, Simple Design



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Mounting Options
PG-Series on Multi-port Valves (up-to 4")
PG-Series Actuator Only
Actuation Accessories
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