Oval Gear Flow Sensors

Series: F3.80
Connections: Inline ¼” BSP female threaded
Sensor Body: PP, ECTFE, 316L SS
Oval Gears: ECTFE
Shaft: Zirconium (PP, and ECTFE only), 316LSS (only with 316L SS Body)
O-Rings: Viton
Flow Ranges: F3.81.H Model: 10 to 100 l/h (0.044 to 0.44 gpm)
F3.82.H Model: 25 to 150 l/h (0.11 to 0.66 gpm)

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    Oval Gear Flow Sensors

    Type F3.80 Oval Gear Flow Sensors are positive displacement flow meters suitable for high viscosity fluids up to 1,000 cP. Accuracy and repeatability is high.

    Inside is a transducer and two oval gears oriented at 90 degrees to each other with embedded permanent magnets. A square wave output signal is generated with frequency proportional to rate of rotor rotation and flow velocity. This pulse output is normally fed to a FlowX3 flow monitor/transmitter or batch controller. It can also be fed to other brand instruments or PLC's.

    Connectable Instruments:
    Panel/Wall Mount - M9.02, M9.10, M9.50

    ✓ High Accuracy
    ✓ Excellent for Low Flow
    ✓ Suitable for Pulsating Flows




    Connectable Instruments Panel/Wall Mount - M9.02, M9.10, M9.50
    Instrument M9.00.TM9.00 M9.02.TM9.02 M9.10.TM9.10 M9.50.TM9.50
    Compatibility Chart
    Power Supply 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC
    Digital Outputs 1 x SSR 2 x SSR 2 x OC 2 x SSR
    Analog Outputs 1 X 4-20 mA 4-20 mA 2 X 4-20 mA 4-20 mA
    Wiring 2-wire 3/4-wire 3/4-wire 3/4-wire
    Mechanical 1 X SPDT 2 X SPDT 2 X SPDT