HY Series Hydro Cyclones

Separate sand and other solids from water using centrifugal force. Ideal for pre-treatment in water filtration systems. Abrasion resistant solid plastic construction.

Alfa Rapid Grooved End Piping System

Mechanical connections using flexible pipe couplings. Grooved end dimensions are the same as "Victaulic". An excellent alternative to conventional pipe flanges and pipe unions.

All PVC Calibration Columns

Clear PVC calibration columns for accurate calibration of metering pumps. We offer 9 sizes from 100 ml (1.6 GPH) to 20,000 ml (320 GPH) and 4 different versions to suit your application.

Type XLT Ball Valves

PVC True Union Ball valves offer high end features at value pricing. Sizes are 1/2" to 4". PTFE seats and are 225 psi rated up to 2”. All sizes are “blocking” design.

AR Series Air Release Valves

PVC valves allow venting of unpressurized pipe lines when installed vertically at the highest point in the system. True Union design, ½’ to 3” with an optional splash cap available.

ChemValve Butterfly Valves

Valves with high end thermoplastic valve technology with composite thermoset plastic allows the use in chemically aggressive, high pressure, high temperature applications.

Polypropylene Bolt-On Pipe Saddles

For IPS size PVC or HDPE piping. These fittings are durable, impact and chemical resistant. Ideal for outdoor irrigation applications and used on water treatment skids.

ERF Fast Acting Electric Actuators

Fast acting reversible rotary units with output torques up to 180 in.-lb. Ideal for all Chemline ball valves up to 2”. Compact, lightweight with plastic housings.

DF Series Disc Filters

All-plastic disc filters contain a stack of PE filtering discs in different mesh sizes. Cartridge type for larger sizes and Y-pattern for smaller sizes. Used for pre-filtration in water treatment systems.

Advanced PE Single Wall Piping system

PE resin technology with excellent physical and mechanical properties; stress crack resistance, slow crack growth resistance, ductility, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and brittleness resistance.

NoFire PP-RCT Fire Attenuation Sprinkler System

Faser type pipe, made of chlorine-free PP-RCT reinforced with an intermediate layer of special fibers. System includes PP-RCT fittings and valves designed for use in wet pipe automatic sprinkler systems.

SB11 HypoValve Back Pressure/Relief Valves

Our proven solution for sodium hypochlorite applications. Long term, maintenance-free service, and ability to operate with lower quality chemical where other valves fail.

SP-110S.30 Non-Contact Butt Fusion Machine

Fully automated for error-free welding of different pipe/fitting materials, sizes and thickness. Short welding times, very small welding beads and high repeatability of weld joint quality.

XLC Check and XLF Foot Valves

PVC True Union Check valve has a PTFE covered stainless steel spring for positive closure. No seating head is required. PVC Foot Valve has a heavy duty self-cleaning PP screen.

XLB Butterfly Valves

PVC elastomer seated valves for light industrial applications. Quality and competitively priced for applications such as chilled water, fish hatcheries, swimming pools etc.


Chemline fabricates manifolds in a wide variety of thermoplastics, pipe sizes, configurations and end connections by CNC machine. Product is strong, reliable, dimensionally accurate and cost effective.

Dual Containment Piping Systems

Engineered to protect our eco-system and operators from the dangers of exposed aggressive chemicals. Welded dual, dual extruded and cemented dual containment systems are available.

WE Series Wafer Check Valves

PVC non-return valve ideal for limited space installations. Economical and available for pipe sizes, 2-1/2″ to 8″. Available in two versions, with or without disc springs.

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Chemline Plastics Limited markets and and distributes a complete range of valves, piping, actuation, flow meters and controls, all of solid plastic construction, for the industrial market. Applications include a wide variety of corrosive and high purity fluids as well as water.

Chemline’s markets include: chemical plants, mining, waste and water treatment, micro electronics, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, process automation, steel and plating industry, irrigation and aquaculture.