Cavity Free Ball Valves

Series: SL
Sizes: 1/2″- 2″
Ends: Socket, Threaded, Flanged, or Butt
Seats: PTFE
Seals: EPDM, or FPM (Viton®)


Cavity Free True Union Ball Valves

Chemline SL Series Cavity Free Ball Valves are molded-in-place full port 1/2” to 2”, available in PVC and PP with a polyethylene ball.

✓ No Cavity
Low dead volume eliminates sediment build-up and prevents larger particles from being trapped.
✓ Abrasion Resistant
PE ball provides superior abrasion resistance
✓ Full Port up to 2"
No Obstruction to Flow – No possible hang-up of debris – Suitable for lines where 'pigging' is required.
✓ Light Weight
Easy Installation, Minimal stress on piping system
✓ Compact Design
Will fit where other ball valves will not


Electric Actuation

Model Valves/Torque Operation/Control Position Indication
E-series electric actuator E-Series Ball up to 4" Torque: up to 885 in-lbs On-Off (2/3 wire) Adjustable Travel
Optional: Failsafe Modulating BUS (custom)
Visual 2 Feedback Switches
Optional: 2 Extra Feedback Switches Feedback Potentiometer Feedback Transmitter

Pneumatic Actuation

Model Valves/Torque Application Material
PA Series pneumatic actuator PA-Series Ball up to 6" Torque: up to 40660 in-lbs Industrial Process Submerged Bleach / water washdown Rislan-coated aluminun
PP-series pneumatic actuator PP-Series Ball up to 6" Torque: up to 1335 in-lbs Industrial Process Minimal use of metal Glass-filled Polyamide
Actuator Accessories Pneumatic Actuator Accessories Chemline has a full range of Postioners, Limit Switches, Solenoids, Filter Regulators and other air handling accessories.
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