ChemFlare PFA Tube & Fittings

Series: ChemFlare
Sizes Range: EPDM: 1/4″ – 1″


Chemflare PFA Tube and Fittings

ChemFlare end connections offer leak-free performance and minimum dead volume for ultrapure/sodium hypochlorite applications. High integrity in high vibration applications and reliability in sideload applications allow for compact plumbing and a small footprint.

Available from 1/4" to 1" in all the popular fitting configurations. Manual and automatic flaring tools are available.

✓ Weldless Design
Eliminates all fusion welds and glued joints. Threaded connection between flares end and tube nut is not wetted
✓ Easy Installation
PVDF threaded tube nuts. Hand assembly
✓ Low Down Time
No welding/curing time. Instant system pressurization and availability
✓ Minimum Dead Volume
End connector and flared tubing are designed to minimize dead volume


ChemFlare Tools

ChemFlare Mandrels

ChemFlare Torque Wrenchs

MTF416 Flaring Tool

TF416 Flaring Tool

Universal Flaring Tool

Hot Air Gun

ChemFlare Gripper

ChemFlare Cold Flare Tool
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