Contact Socket Fusion Welders

Series: Contact Socket Fusion Welders
Size Range: ½” – 5″


HSOC Socket Fusion Welders

HSOC Shop/Field Welder is a handheld socket fusion welder for the quick and easy socket fusion of pipe and fittings. The electronically controlled heating element has an anti-stick coating and control lamps for system and interval checking, while temperature adjustment is integral to the heater handle. Use of a pipe chamfering tool makes assembly easier and inner beads smaller. The unit comes with a table clamp and floor stand for hands-free operation.

Features: Dual socket attachment, light and compact design, convenient table clamp and floor stand.

pdf23 HSOC (for 1/2" - 2") Data Page (PDF)

pdf23 HSOC (for 2-1/2" - 5")Data Page (PDF)

contact socket fusion hsoc handheld welder Fusion Type: Contact Socket Fusion
Size Range: ½" - 5" (20mm - 125mm)
Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, Airpro
Control: Manual


W-3511 Socket Fusion Welders

W-3511 Shop/Field Welder is a manual socket fusion that uses the mechanical advantage of gearing to provide the thrust needed for larger pipe sizes. The built-in fitting / pipe clamps and travel stops ensure the correct weld insertion depth. The shipment crate doubles as a convenient stand for mounting the welder.

Features: Rack-and pinion motion control, heating element built into the machine and adjustable stops for correct weld insertion depth.

pdf23 Data Page (PDF)

W-3511 Fusion Type: Contact Socket Fusion
Size Range: ½" - 4 ½" (20mm-125mm)
Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, Airpro
Control: Manual
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