Contact Socket Fusion Welders

Series: Contact Socket Fusion Welders
Size Range: ½” – 5″

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HSOC Socket Fusion Welders

The HSOC Handheld contact socket fusion welders are welding machines for the heating element socket welding of PE, PP and PVDF pipe and fittings from OD 20 to OD 125mm (1/2” to 5”) in the workshop and in the field. The HSOC1: 1/2″ – 2″ and the HSOC2: 2-1/2″ – 5″ both have removable male/female heating dies for different pipe sizes within their range.

The Handheld welder comes with a table clamp for hands-free operation and an adapter for floor use. The electronically controlled heating element has an anti-stick coating and control lamps for system and interval checking. Temperature adjustment is integral to the heater handle. Timing of the welding operation is read off manual welding tables. The pipe chamfering tool makes assembly easier and inner beads smaller. A sheet steel box serves for the transport and the protected storage of the complete handheld contact socket fusion welding kit.

Dual socket attachment, light and compact design, convenient table clamp and floor stand.

HSOC1 (for 1/2″ – 2″) Data Page (PDF)

HSOC2 (for 2-1/2″ – 5″)Data Page (PDF)

contact socket fusion hsoc handheld welder
Fusion Type: Contact Socket Fusion
Size Range: ½” – 5″ (20mm – 125mm)
Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, PE100,PP-RCT
Control: Manual


W-3511 Socket Fusion Welders

The W3511 Bench socket fusion tool is ideal for socket fusion of larger diameter pipe and fittings. It is capable of socket welding PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings from OD 20mm to OD 125mm (1/2” to 5”) in the workshop or in the field. Special angled clamps simplify pipe and fittings clamping. A simplified process means little change out is required when switching sizes. Mechanical stops automatically set the socket depth for a perfect weld every time. The supplied shipment crate doubles as a convenient stand for mounting the equipment.

Rack-and pinion motion control, heating element built into the machine and adjustable stops for correct weld insertion depth.

W3511 Data Page (PDF)

Fusion Type: Contact Socket Fusion
Size Range: ½” – 4 ½” (20mm-125mm)
Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, PE100,PP-RCT
Control: Manual


Electric Miniplaner

The electric miniplaner is used on jobs too large for the use of a manual planer. It is light and compact and, with built-in limit stops, can be easily hinged into and out of the welder during use. The handheld portion is based on an electric drill for familiarity while the rotating cutting discs are standard as with other automated welders. The planer is usually stored in the heat-protected box that houses the welder’s heating element when not in use. For the safe storage and transport of the planer, it fits within the Miniplast welder transport box. The mini-planer is 33/46/7 cm and 5.9 Kg/12.9 Lbs.

Adjustable Rollerstand

The adjustable rollerstands reduce the amount of force required to align pipes during welding. They are robust, resistant to dirt and easy to move with skid-plate bottoms similar to those on the W-series welders. They consist of two overlapped angled rollers which create a valley for stable support and easy movement of the piping. Rollerstands have large handles for easy moving or repositioning and can support up to 500 Kg / 1100 lbs. Size 1 is 15/25/90cm and 11.0 Kg / 24.3 lbs). Part Number: 320500KP

Pipe Chamfering Tool

The pipe chamfering tool is used to remove some material from the outer leading edge of pipe in socket welding. This space allows for some of the extra molten plastic to accumulate without causing a restriction of the pipe inner diameter. It consists of a V-shaped holder and speed handle as well as a rolling inner pin, which are both
adjustable for different pipe sizes and wall thickness. The pipe is held firmly but allowed to spin towards the angled knife blade. The speed handle allows its use in a similar fashion to a large pencil sharpener.

The chamfering tool is available for different pipe size ranges:
Size 1: Chamfer Tool 1 is used on 25 to 75mm pipe (0.75 kg/1.7 lbs.)
Size 2: Chamfer Tool 2 is used on 32 to 250mm pipe (1 kg/2.2 lbs)

Pipe Peeling Tool

The pipe peeling tool is used to remove a thin outer layer of pipe to assure proper welds when doing electro-fusion. It is adjustable for different pipe thicknesses and is made to move down the pipe as it is being rotated around it, assuring even removal of material to the necessary length as predetermined by the user. The pipe peeler is available for 32 to 125mm pipe. (20/15/15cm, 2.1 Kg / 4.6 lbs).

Sanitary Flange Former

The sanitary flange former is a bench-top molding machine for the production of sanitary Tri-Clamp® flanges directly onto PP or PVDF pipes from 3/4” to 2” in any location. These Tri-Clamp® flanges complement the Smooth Inner Bore® line of piping products, and can, replace stainless steel or glass piping systems. The semi-automated function ensures proper timing and temperature for each size and type of plastic piping while at the melt stage, and the correct pressure while at the flange forming stage, while manual operation is reduced to moving between the melt head and the molding head, and operating the flange forming clamp. The sanitary flange former is comprised of a base, control panel, on/off switch, end-of-cycle indicator light, automated timer, locking melt head with interchangeable heaters, locking flange forming head with interchangeable forms, pipe cutter, depth gauge, flaring tool, carrying handle and power cable. A rugged wheeled thermoplastic case serves for the transport and the protected storage of the complete sanitary flange former and accessories. The flange former and transport case is 30/46/76cm, 15.9 Kg/35 lbs).

315 Rotation Circular Saw

The 315 rotation circular saw is used to square-cut pipe from OD 110mm up to OD 315mm with a maximum wall thickness of 40mm. It is kept on the pipe by means of an adjustable J-support bar. The saw comes complete with a clamping lever for attachment to the pipe, adjusting hand wheel crank, guide handles, j-bar / prism, fastening belt, saw blade cover and transport case. Pipe supports must be provided separately. The 315 RC saw operates on 110VAC with 1 plug. The saw
and transport case is 48/48/67 cm and weighs 25.0 Kg / 55.0 lbs. Part Number: 315-SAW

Outside Debeader

The outside debeader is an ultra-light device for the safe and easy removal of the outside PE, PP and PVDF welding beads after butt welding. The compact construction of the device allows its use on pipes still clamped in the welding machine, i.e. during cool down time without a time consuming removing of the clamping tools being necessary.

The outside debeader is available for different pipe size ranges:
Size 1: Part No. 5650160 is used on 110 to 160mm pipe (0.5kg/1.1lbs.)
Size 2: Part No. 5650315 is used on 180 to 315mm pipe (1.36kg/3.0lbs)
Smaller sizes are per specific pipe size: Part No. 56500xx (xx = pipe size)

Staggered Welder Split Heater

The Chemline specially adapted split heaters are used to cascade weld dual containment piping when the carrier and containment pipes are from different materials. The inner pipe is welded first with a standard heater plate, then the split heater plate can be placed around the carrier
pipe without damaging it, to weld the containment pipe. Sizes are available per the welder chart and the individual welder data pages. Split heating elements for dual-containment piping welding are available in 1×3 (90mm/32mm), 2×4 (110mm/63mm) and 3×6 (160mm/90mm) for the Maxiplast welder; in 6×3 (160mm/90mm), 8×4 (200mm/110mm), 10×6 (250mm/160mm) and 12x 8 (315mm/200mm) for the W4900 welder; in 12×8 (315mm/200mm) and 14×10 (355/250mm) for the W5100 welder.

Jig Socket Tool

Hand held Socket fusion tool for welding in place or in difficult to access areas. The JIG is equipped with a prismatic operating set of Master Clamps covering size ranges from 63mm to 170mm, movable fitting alignment plates to ensure proper installation in any position, fitting support bracket to fix fitting in place during fusion process, fast turning Screw Drive for quick, easy opening and closing in tight field positions. The light weight, rugged, design gives the capability to make socket welds in the toughest of places. The combination of being easy to handle and easy to use makes this tool a must have for contractors and installers putting together socket welded piping systems. Designed to weld pipe and socket fittings from OD 63– OD 170 mm, it is operated with a cordless drill and 6mm allen wrench for fast, smooth operation during the welding process. Everything is packed in the rugged, wheeled, carrying case that is easy to transport, protects the tool and built to last.