Electro Fusion Welders

Series: Electro Fusion Welders
Size Range: ½” – 2″


HPF Electro Fusion Welders

HPF Shop/Field Welder is an electro-fusion welder for the electrically heated welding of special wire-wound couplings. The welding machine includes entry pad and display, protective tube frame, welding and power supply cables, inflatable balloon, barcode reading pen and serial authorization card. The HPF is delivered in either a wooden transport box or in a high quality aluminum transport and storage case. Optional pipe peeling tools and holders are not included with the HPF unit but can be obtained for socket welding of pipe and fittings.

Features: LCD Display, long welding cables for remote welding, light planer for use in the air or in hard to reach locations.

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HPF Fusion Type: Electro Fusion
Size Range: ½" -2"
Materials: PVDF
Control: Computerized
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