Level Controls

Series: Flowline
Level Controls for: Small Tank, Bulk Tank, Level Detection, Flow Detection
Control Types: Level Measurement, Control and Switching


Small Tank

Small Tank Level Measurement & Control:
Model Pricing
DS14-00 DS14t
DX10-00 DX10t

Bulk Tank

Bulk Tank Level Measurement & Control: General Purpose Ultrasonic Transmitters
Model Pricing
LU84-5101 EhoSpnGPt
General Purpose Float, Pressure Transmitters
Model Pricing
LD30-S001 DltaSpnLD30t
LD30-S201 DltaSpnLD30t
LD30-S401 DltaSpnLD30t
LD31-S121 DltaSpnLD31t
LD31-S131 DltaSpnLD31t
LD32-S111 DltaSpnLD32t
LD32-S121 DltaSpnLD32t
LD32-S131 DltaSpnLD32t
LV55-S001-24 FloaTekLV55t
LV55-S001-36 FloaTekLV55t
LV55-S001-42 FloaTekLV55t
General Purpose Indicators and Controllers
Model Pricing
LI25-1001 DtaLpLI25t
LI55-1211 DtaVwLI55t
Hazardous Indicators
Model Pricing
300400 FldWel300400t
LI25-2001 DtaLpLI25t

Level Detection

Level Detection, Switching & Control: Multi-Point Packages
Model Pricing
AV16-4343-A-B SmrtTrkAU35t
LU78-5005 EhoSwthLU78t
Single-Point Packages - Optic Leak Sensors
Model Pricing
LO10-1305 SwtchTekLO10t
Single Point Sensors - Capacitance
Model Pricing
LP15-1405 SwtchTekLP15t
Single Point Sensors - Mini Float Sensors
Model Pricing
LV20-1201 SwtchTekLV201201t
Relay Controllers
Model Pricing
LC30-1002 FlwSwtchLC30t
LC92-1001 LvlSwtchLM94t

Flow Detection

Flow Detection, Switching & Control: Compact Controllers
Model Pricing
LC30-1002 FlwSwtchLC30t


Parts & Accessories
Model Pricing
LM50-1001 SdeMntBrktLM50t
LM50-1001-1 SdeMntBrktLM50t
LD90-1001 PssrCndtTermFtgLD90t
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