Gauge Isolators

Series: SG
Inlet Connection: 1/4″ or 1/2″ Threaded
Instrument Connection: 1/4″ or 1/2″ Threaded
Diaphragm: PTFE

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    SG Series Gauge Isolators

    Chemline SG Series Gauge Isolators allow inexpensive pressure gauges, or any other pressure instrument to be used in corrosive services. The upper chamber (gauge side) is filled with a stable fluid such as glycol or glycerine. A diaphragm separates it from the lower chamber which receives the media under pressure. The ½" gauge connection allows use of the popular 4" and 4-½" diameter gauges. Pressure switches or transmitters may also be installed. Customers can easily fill isolators and install their own gauges.

    ✓ Easy to Mount Gauges
    It is easy to fill an isolator and field mount a gauge. No special equipment is required
    ✓ Provision for Fill Port
    Housing may be drilled and tapped by Chemline or customer for a threaded fill port. This is used for filling isolator using a vacuum filling station
    ✓ High Chemical Resistance
    PTFE bonded EPDM dished diaphragm for high chemical resistance and sensitivity
    ✓ Heavy Duty Design for Safety
    Heavy wall connection ports