Giant Butterfly Valves

Series: PD
Size Range: 28″ – 48″
Disc Material: PDCPD
Seat and O-Rings: EPDM
Body Type: Wafer Style


Giant – PD Series Butterfly Valves

The Chemline PD Series Giant Butterfly valve has a full elastomeric seat with bubble tight seal. Only the seat (liner) and disc are wetted parts. The disc and seat are spherically designed for long cycle life. The liner is a full seat requiring low bolt torques to seal against piping flanges. PDCPD (Polydicyclopenthadiene) is a polyolefin thermoset plastic. Valve parts are manufactured by a process called reaction injection moulding (RIM). PDCPD has excellent corrosion resistance and temperature ratings, very similar to those of polypropylene. It is durable material offering high impact strength and a fraction of the weight of cast iron.

✓ High Working Pressures
110 PSI for all sizes
✓ ISO Actuator Mounting Dimensions
Top flange and shaft have ISO 5211 standard dimensions for easy actuator mounting
✓ Light Weight
Less then half the weight of cast iron


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