Hot Air Fusion Welders

Series: Hot Air Fusion Welders
Size Range: Unlimited


HA30-400 Hot Air Fusion Welders

HA30-400 Shop/Field Welder is a handheld hot air / rod welder for the butt, edge, fillet and lap-welding of PVC, PE, PP and PVDF pipe, fittings and assemblies in the workshop and in the field. The welder comes with a handheld torch and torch rest, diaphragm compressor, tacking tip, speed welding tip, welding tip cleaning tool, 12' of vinyl hose, metal carrying case and instruction manual. The 120VAC air compressor is mounted on a floor-board, along with an electrical outlet for use where electrical extension cords must be used. Compressed air temperature is fixed, so welding of individual plastics is based on speed of welding. A sheet steel box serves for the transport and the protected storage of the complete HA30-400 welding kit.

Features: Portable, Easy to use

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ha30 Fusion Type: Hot Air Fusion
Size Range: Unlimited
Materials: PVC, PE, PP, PVDF
Control: Manual
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