Industrial Beta-Polypropylene Systems

Pressure Range: 7 PSI at 95°C – 340 PSI at 10°C
Pipe Sizes: 12mm – 1400mm


Industrial Beta-Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a member of the polyolefin family and is used in a wide variety of applications from acids and alkalies to organic solvents and even pure water. Beta-PP is one of the best materials to use for systems exposed to varying pH levels, as many plastics do not handle both acids and bases well. Beta-PP is ductile at ambient temperature and demonstrates good impact strength. It also has good thermal stability up to 90oC (194oF) compared to other thermoplastics such as HDPE and PVC. It is not recommended for use with strong oxidizing acids, aromatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Beta-Polypropylene Piping is available in many different SDR Ratings: SDR 07 (230 psi); SDR 11 (150 psi); SDR 17 (88 psi); and SDR 33 (47 psi).

Aggressive industrial chemicals up to 90°C (194°F)
Universities and hospitals
Deionized water systems
Reverse osmosis water systems
Food industry

Temperature Range:
PP-H: -5°C to 90°C (23°F to 194°F)
PP-R: -20°C to 90°C (-4°F to 194°F)

✓ Low Specific Gravity

✓ High Operating Temperature

✓ High Creep Resistance

✓ High Heat Aging Stability

✓ Easily Welded

✓ High Chemical Resistance

✓ High Abrasion Resistance

✓ Good Elasticity

✓ Low Frictional Resistance to Fluids

✓ Suitable for Food Applications



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Butt Fusion Welders:

Miniplast – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2″ to 4″)

Maxiplast – Sizes 20mm to 160 mm (1/2″ to 6″)

W-Series – Sizes 50mm to 630 mm (1-1/2″ to 24″)

Non-Contact (IR) Fusion Welders:

IR Miniplast – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2″ to 4″)
SP-110S – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2″ to 4″)

Socket Fusion Welders:

HSOC – Sizes 20mm to 63 mm (1/2″ to 2″)

W-3511 – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2″ to 4″)