M9.00 Flow Monitor/Transmitter


Series: M9.00
Window Display: Polycarbonate
Panel & Wall Gasket: Silicone Rubber
Keypad: 5-Button Silicone Rubber
Display: Transflective technology with Backlight (not available with 4 to 10 mA output)
Display Readout: Flow Rate – 5 Digits, Resettable Total – 10 Digits, Non-Resettable Total – 10 Digits
Output Signals: 1 x 4 – 20 mA (2-wire) and 1 solid-state relay


M9.00 2-wire Flow Monitor/Transmitter

The M9.00 2-wire flow monitor/transmitter is designed to process the pulse signals from all FlowX3 Hall Effect flow sensors and magmeters. All units have one 4 to 20 mA and one Solid-State relay output. They have back-lit displays. The instrument supplies voltage to the flow sensors. The same instrument may be mounted in three different ways: directly to the flow sensor, remotely either panel or wall mounted. The standard configuration is panel mount. Connectable sensors: F3.0x Hall Effect Flow Sensors with frequency output F6.60 Flow Magmeters ULF Reed Effect Sensors

✓ Easy Set-up
✓ Plug-in Removable Terminals
✓ Multi-language Menu



M9.00 Flow Monitor/ Transmitter M9.00 Compatibility Chart


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Mounting Options
Panel Mounted (standard)
Direct Mounting Kit (no Monitor)
Wall Mounting Kit (no Monitor)
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