M9.07 Dual-parameter conductivity and flow monitor & transmitter

Series: M9.07
Window Display: Polycarbonate
Panel & Wall Gasket: Silicone Rubber
Keypad: 5-Button Silicone Rubber
Display: Transflective technology with Backlight
Supply Voltage: 12 to 24 VDC ± 10% regulated
Output Signals: 2 x 4 – 20 mA (2-wire), 2 x Solid-State Relay, 2 x SPDT

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    M9.07 Dual-parameter Conductivity, Flow Monitor & Transmitter

    The new M9.07 is a dual monitor and transmitter which combines conductivity and flow measurement. It features a 4” wide full graphic display and a tutorial software for easy calibration and set up. The display has a white backlight during standard conditions, a green backlight in case an external device control is activated and a red backlight in case an alarm is activated.

    All units have a number of control outputs including 4 to 20mA, Solid State and SPDT relays. The instrument can be used with Hall effect sensors and magmeters, and any conductivity sensors with a range of 0.055 to 200000 μS. The same instrument may be mounted either panel or wall mount. Standard configuration is panel mount. M9.07 has a number of optional displays, including flow, resettable and nonresettable totalizers, conductivity, temperature and analogue outputs for both sensors.

    Display Readout: Batch in Progress – 5 Digits, Flow Rate – 5 Digits, Resettable Total – 10 Digits, Non-Resettable Total – 10 Digits

    Connectable Sensors: F3.00.H, F3.20.H, F3.10, F3.80ULF.H, F6.60M.S, F6.61M.S

    ✓ Wide full graphic display
    ✓ Help on board
    ✓ Mechanical Relays for external device control
    ✓ Solid State Replays for programmable alarms