M9.50 Batch Controller

Series: M9.50
Window Display: Polycarbonate
Panel & Wall Gasket: Silicone Rubber
Keypad: 5-Button Silicone Rubber
Display: Liquid Crystal Full Graphic Display, White Backlight during standard conditions, Red Backlight in case a set alarm is activated, Green Backlight is case an external device control is activated
Display Readout: Batch in Progress – 5 Digits, Flow Rate – 5 Digits, Resettable Total – 10 Digits, Non-Resettable Total – 10 Digits
Output Signals: 2 x 4 – 20 mA (3/4-wire) and 2 solid-state relay, 2 SPDT Relays, No. of Batches; 10


M9.50 Batch Controller

The M9.50 Batch Controller is designed for accurate and reliable batching or blending of liquids. It accepts a pulse input from all FlowX3 Hall Effect flow sensors and magmeters.

The M9.50 offers complex control capability. It is easy to calibrate and operate using self explanatory menus. A simple and advanced mode are available which allow the choice of quick calibration and basic outputs or a more customized and detailed control setup. Four separate control outputs (two SPDT relays, two solid state relays) all ow the operator to setup for accurate batch operation. State-of-the-art electronic design ensures performance and reliability.Flow Sensor supply voltage is provided by the batch controller. The same instrument may either be panel or wall mounted.

Connectable sensors:
F3.00.H, F3.20.H, F3.10, F3.80, ULF.H, F111.H, F112.H, F6.60M.S, F6.61M.S (Panel or Wall Mount)

✓ External Start, Start, and Resume
✓ Two-Stage Shutdown Control
✓ Auto-Calibration
✓ Password Protection



M9.50 Flow Monitor/ Transmitter M9.50 Compatibility Chart