Metering Ball Valves

Series: SM
Sizes: 1/2″- 1″
Ends: Socket, Threaded, Butt, or Chemflare
Seats: PTFE
Seals: EPDM, or FPM (Viton®)


SM Series Metering Ball Valves

Chemline SM Series Metering Ball Valve is designed for fine linear flow control of chemicals or clean fluids. The ball is solid with graduated V-groove cut on the outside surface. Precise linear flow control is accomplished through 180 degree rotation of the handle. With a positioning electric actuator, this becomes an inexpensive control valve. If higher Cv values are required, refer to SP Series Proportional ball valves.

✓ Precise Linear Flow Control
Provided by a special V-groove ball and wide handle travel (0 to 180 Degrees)
✓ High End Ball Valve Features
Full Blocking design, Double Stem O-Rings for safety, and 230 psi pressure rated (PVC)
✓ Bidirectional
Works with flow in either direction
✓ Low Stem Torques
Due to floating ball design and cushioned PTFE seats


Electric Actuation

Model Valves/Torque Operation/Control Position Indication
E-series electric actuator
Ball up to 4″
Torque: up to 885 in-lbs
On-Off (2/3 wire)
Adjustable Travel

BUS (custom)
2 Feedback Switches

2 Extra Feedback Switches
Feedback Potentiometer
Feedback Transmitter

Pneumatic Actuation

Model Valves/Torque Application Material
PG-series pneumatic actuator
3-Way Ball up to 4″
Torque: up to 2834 in-lbs
180-Degree operation
Industrial Process
Bleach / water washdown
Rislan-coated aluminun
Actuator Accessories
Pneumatic Actuator Accessories
Chemline has a full range of Postioners, Limit Switches, Solenoids, Filter Regulators and other air handling accessories.