Needle Valves

Series: NG – Globe Body
NA – Angle Body
Sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, & 1/2″
Ends: Female NPT
Seats/Seals: PTFE

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    N Series Needle Valves

    Chemline N Series Needle Valves are designed for fine throttling of corrosive and ultrapure fluids at low flow rates. Because the seal material is PTFE, these valves are suitable for aggressive chemicals where similar valves with elastomer seals will not stand up.

    ✓ Precise Control
    Precision machined seat and matching ground needle tip along with a 24 pitch fine thread stem (five turns from closed to full-open) provides for excellent flow control
    ✓ PTFE Seal - No Elastomers
    ✓ Lubrication Free
    No silicone or other lubricants used
    ✓ Heavy Duty Construction
    Thick Stems