NoFire – PP-RCT Fire Attenuation Sprinkler Systems

Temperature Range: -20°C – 95°C
Pipe and  Fitting Sizes: 20mm – 160mm

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NoFire - PP-RCT Fire Attenuation Sprinkler Systems

Chemline’s new NoFire™ faser type pipe is made of PP-RCT reinforced with an intermediate layer of special fibres. The system includes PP-RCT fittings and valves designed for use in wet pipe automatic sprinkler systems. NoFire™ is fast and simple with fusion welding. No sealants or adhesives are required. Branches are made with saddle welding, even after the installation of the main piping.

✓ High corrosion resistance
✓ High impact resistance
✓ High resistance to chemicals
✓ High soundproofing and thermal installation
✓ Complete range of pipe and fittings
✓ No sealants, adhesives or gaskets required