Polypure – Unpigmented Polypropylene Single Wall Piping Systems for High Purity Applications

Pressure Range: 30 PSI at 95°C – 170 PSI at 10°C
Pipe Sizes: 20mm – 110mm

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    High Purity Unpigmented Polypropylene

    UPP pipe, fittings and valves are produced in a class 100 cleanroom, then the valves and fittings are hot DI rinsed and individually packaged. It is characterized by high operating temperature, high heat aging stability, good weldability, high chemical resistance, good elasticity and low frictional resistance

    Applications: USP purified water systems, Deionized water systems, RO water systems, Electronics industry chemical distribution systems, Photographic chemical processing, Food industry, Biotechnology process piping, Semiconductor manufacturing drain systems, Universities, Hospitals

    Temperature Range: 10°C to 95°C (50°F to 203°F)

    ✓ High Creep Strength
    ✓ Low Specific Weight
    ✓ Usable on Food Applications
    ✓ High Abrasion Resistance



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    Butt Fusion Welders:

    Miniplast – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")

    Maxiplast – Sizes 20mm to 160 mm (1/2" to 6")

    W-Series – Sizes 50mm to 630 mm (1-1/2" to 24")

    Non-Contact (IR) Fusion Welders:

    IR Miniplast – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")
    SP-110S – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")

    Socket Fusion Welders:

    HSOC – Sizes 20mm to 63 mm (1/2" to 2")

    W-3511 – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")