PVDF Butterfly Valves

Series: DFK
Body Type Semi Lug Wafer
Sizes: 1-1/2″- 24″
Disc Material: PVDF
Stem: Titanium
Stem Seal: PTFE ‘V’ Packing


DFK Series PVDF Damper Valves

Chemline PVDF Damper Butterflies have performed successfully for many years in the most demanding process control applications. With the PVDF disc and PVDF body and titanium shaft and no elastomer these valves are excellent in high temperature and abrasive applications. The precision machined disc allows for Class III leakage rates (as per ASTM B16.104 [1976]) for valves from 4" to 24" and Class II for the rest. Available from 1-½" to 24" sizes they can be used for a wide range of throttling applications.

✓ Compact and Light Weight
✓ High Corrosion Resistance
Solid plastic body – no rust
✓ Abrasion Resistant
Solid plastic PVDF disc available for high abrasion resistance


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