PVDF Single Wall Piping Systems for High Purity Applications

Pressure Range: 15 PSI at 120°C – 198 PSI at 20°C
Pipe Sizes: 16mm – 400mm


Industrial PVDF

High operating temperature, Good mechanical properties, High heat aging stability, Good weldability, High chemical resistance, High abrasion resistance, Low frictional resistance, Self-extinguishing, High resistance to permeation, High resistance to UV and gamma radiation.

Applications: Bromine processing, Corrosive chemicals, Electronics manufacturing, Food industry, Universities, Hospitals, Pulp mill bleaching, Sanitary applications, Ultrapure water

Temperature Range: -40°C to 121°C (-40°F to 250°F)

✓ High Operating Temperature
✓ Good Mechanical Properties
✓ Good Weldability
✓ High Resistance to UV and Gamma Radiation



Butt Fusion Welders:

Miniplast – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")

Maxiplast – Sizes 20mm to 160 mm (1/2" to 6")

W-Series – Sizes 50mm to 630 mm (1-1/2" to 24")

Non-Contact (IR) Fusion Welders:

IR Miniplast – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")
SP-110S – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")

Socket Fusion Welders:

HSOC – Sizes 20mm to 63 mm (1/2" to 2")

W-3511 – Sizes 20mm to 110 mm (1/2" to 4")