Series: MN
Sizes: 3″- 12″
Ends: Plain, Threaded, Socket, Grooved or Capped
Branch Sizes: 1/2″ to 4″
Branch Connections: Threaded, Unions, Grooved Valve & Flow Meter End Connectors, or Instrumentation Connections
Branch Rows: Single, Multiple

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    MN Series Thermoplastic Manifolds

    The Chemline MN Series plastic manifolds provide a superior alternative to metal manifolds in many applications. State of the art CNC welding technology guarantees higher quality and reliability than socket fusion, hand welding or cementing, aiding retention of the component piping pressure rating in most cases, and all units are pressure tested to meet customer requirements. Various end connections are available to allow easy mating to any piping system, whether cemeted, threaded, flanged, grip and groove.

    Chemline fabricates manifolds in a wide variety of thermoplastics, pipe sizes, configurations and end connections by CNC machine. The resulting product is stronger, more reliable, more dimensionally accurate and more cost effective than steel for production runs.

    Applications: Municipal: Waste Treatment Systems, Waste Water Treatment Systems, Power Generation, Soil Remediation, Ice Rinks

    Industrial: Plating/coating Lines, Cooling Tower Water, Wastewater Recovery/Treatment, Boiler Feed Water

    High-Purity: Biomedical, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical

    Mixing Tanks in Fish Farms

    Solar Water Heating

    Features & Benefits: CNC Welding Technology CNC saddle / butt fusion results in the capability of welding more types of branches with stronger,more reliable and more accurate welds than other technologies such as socket fusion, hand welding or cementing.

    Design Validation Validation of unique customer designs for production through destructive and impact tests, and pressure testing of sample pieces to guarantee high product quality and reliability.

    Stringent Quality Control Computer control of all welding aspects, and pressure testing, result in products capable of meeting customers quality control and reporting standards including PPAP and other schemes. Verification of finished manifold dimensions for confirmation of manufacturing accuracy.

    Weld Traceability Downloadable welding parameters are recorded for each weld and saved for customer traceability.

    Repeatability Welding parameters are saved on computer for reproduction of identical manifolds.

    Approvals NSF-61 approved material for water purification equipment or NSF-pw approved material for potable water use. Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved for use with food products (PVDF only).

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