Y Sediment Strainers

Series: YSA
Sizes: 1/2″- 4″
Ends: True Union,Threaded, Socket, or ChemFlare
Seats/Seals: EPDM, FKM (Viton®)

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YSA Series Y-Sediment Strainers

The Chemline YSA Series Y Sediment Strainer is a safety filtration device designed to entrap occasional solid impurities in the line. This is to protect equipment with small orifices such as solenoid valves, and prevent damage to pumps or control valves, etc. The easily replaceable filter screen comes in a choice of meshes. The new YSA Series True Union models have greatly increased filtration areas. Pressure drops are lower and less frequent cleaning is required.

✓ High Capacity
For easy installation and maintenance
✓ Transparent Body
The only moving part
✓ Replaceable Filter Screens
Available with choice of PVC 24, 35 or 55 mesh filter screens. 316 SS screens are also available
✓ Low Pressure Drops
Diameter of screens are full pipe bore. The effective filtering area is in some sizes twice the filtering area of other makes. This results in larger filtration capacities and lower pressure drops



Valves-YS PVC SCREEN Z PVC Screens Valves-YS020-2S56Z Stainless Screens