PP-RCT Piping Systems

SDR 7.4 pipe: 20mm to 125mm (1/2” to 4-1/2”)
SDR 11 pipe: 20mm to 500mm (1/2” to 20”)
Butt fusion fittings: 160mm to 500mm (6” to 20”)
Socket fusion fittings: 20mm to 125mm (1/2” to 4-1/2”)
Electro fusions fittings: 20mm to 450mm (1/2” to 18”)
Valves: 20mm to 500mm (1/2” to 20”)
Welding Accessories: Electro-fusion couplings and bushings
Temperature Range: -20 C to 90 C (-4 F to 194 F)

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PP-RCT Piping System

PP-RCT (polypropylene co-polymer – random crystallinity temperature) material is the latest PP resin development in the polypropylene family and has a wide range of benefits for commercial plumbing systems. It has a more complex crystalline structure that provides greater pressure capabilities at higher temperatures than conventional PP materials, making it suitable for higher temperature applications such as boiler and hot water systems. With more than a 50 percent improvement in long-term (50 years) strength over PP-R, PP-RCT piping systems allow designers to choose thinner walled, lighter pipes and possibly smaller diameter pipes, while maintaining the necessary system pressure ratings and providing higher flow rates and greater efficiencies and cost savings.

This material also allows larger support spacing, making it easier to replace metal piping without re-engineering a piping system. PP-RCT can also be extruded in a multilayer pipe with fiber core middle layer which reduces the impact of thermal expansion on the piping system. Our new PP-RCT piping systems fall in line with LEED’s guidelines and are considered environmentally friendly, as well as energy efficient.

Applications: Potable Water, HVAC Hot and Chilled Water, Food and Beverage Grade Water, Hydronics, Sports Stadiums & Arenas, Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Government Buildings, Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Hotels and Apartments.

Temperature Range: -20°C to 90°C

✓ Low frictional resistance
✓ High impact resistance
✓ High abrasion resistance
✓ Suitable for HVAC-hot water and chilled water
✓ Suitable for Food and beverage grade water
✓ Suitable for Hydronicsr
✓ Suitable for Commercial buildings


  • Potable water
  • HVAC, hot and cold water
  • Hydronics
  • Commercial buildings
  • Universities and hospitals




Precautionary note against using PP-R and copper in the same piping system:

Mixed use applications in recirculating domestic hot water systems, may contain copper components that are used in hot water heaters, distribution headers, plumbing connections, and other equipment. Careful design is important and proper installation in accordance to the Copper Development Association- CDA Publication A4015-14/16 “The Copper Tube Handbook”, will eliminate conditions that could cause copper erosion and corrosion, which can have negative effects on thermoplastic piping systems.

Further information can be found in the Plastic Pipe Institute’s Technical Note- TN57; PPI TN-57/2018: Proper Integration of Copper Tubing and Components with PP-R Piping Materials for Plumbing Applications https://plasticpipe.org/pdf/tn-57.pdf

Copper Development Association: What is most important when designing and installing copper piping systems?


Note: Hydronic and other hot water heating systems are typically not affected by copper erosion due to the lower flow velocities, lower dissolved oxygen, and oxidant levels. The presence of oxidants and oxygen, in extreme hot water is typically found only in domestic (potable) water applications.